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Montelparo (FM) Cabernet Sauvignon
Montelparo (FM)
Cultivation: Cabernet Sauvignon

Planting density:1,1×0,6m – 15.000 plants/hectare
Area under vine: 0,2 hectare
Year of planting: 2008

Montelparo (FM) Sangiovese Grosso
Montelparo (FM)
Cultivation: Sangiovese Grosso

Planting density: 1,2×0,5m – 16.150 plants/hectare
Area under vine: 0,6 hectare
Year of planting: 2012

Montelparo (FM) Pecorino incrocio bruni (verdicchio/Sauvignon)
Montelparo (FM)
Cultivation: Pecorino Bruni (verdicchio/Sauvignon)

Type of plant:: 2,2×0,6m
Planting density: 7575 plants/hectare
Area under vine: 1,3 hectares
Year of planting: 2008

Monsampietro Morico (FM) Sangiovese e Montepulciano
Monsampietro Morico (FM)
Cultivation: Sangiovese and Montepulciano

Planting density: 2x1m – 5.000 plants/hectare
Area under vine: 0,4 hectare
Year of planting: 2004


The philosophy of Nico and Cantine Vittorini is to work the land gently, where possible  by hand, and so avoid compacting the soil. For this reason we try to minimize the use of mechanical machinery.

The only treatments that we use are those that respect the rules of organic farming.

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